Math 243@PED in 2010

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guest lectures held at One Brattle Square, Harvard University

Date Name/Affiliation Title
2 Feb Erez Lieberman How the genome folds.
9 Feb

Corina Tarnita

Evolutionary dynamics in structured populations.
16 Feb David Rand The maintenance of human cooperation.
23 Feb
Tibor Antal Mathematical models of cancer.
2 Mar Daniel Rosenbloom The evolution of high mutation rates in games.
9 Mar Tibor Antal The fundamentals of branching processes.
23 Mar Feng Fu Co-evolution of cooperation and favoritism.
30 Mar Corina Tarnita Evolution of eusociality.
6 Apr
Tibor Antal Games in finite populations.
13 Apr
Thomas Pfeiffer Prediction markets in scientific research.
20 Apr Michael Manapat The evolution of trust.